Service Consultancy

Service Consultancy

ERP Implementation and Audit

SP DYNAMIC understands Microsoft Dynamics ERP implementations are often critical to the strategic success of an organization. Often, large ERP implementations create additional stress and workload on management and staff; therefore, we have developed the experience and methodology to minimize the impact and interruption of these projects.

Successful ERP implementation depends on partnering with a reliable and proficient Microsoft Dynamics NAV partner. SP DYNAMIC ensures your ERP implementation will allow your organization to achieve business goals through updated business processes supported by the appropriate business solution.

Implementing Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions and extracting full value from an implementation is not just about solution. It’s also about focusing on what drives business value. SP DYNAMIC provides a robust set of tools, solutions and methodologies to complement Microsoft Dynamics business solutions.

We help both private- and public-sector organizations plan and manage their ERP implementation projects to realize increased paybacks and minimize disruption and delays associated with the deployment of enterprise software.

The implementation team at SP DYNAMIC helps you in,

ERP Package Selection: We help our customers make high-value long-term IT investments in scalable, flexible systems by choosing best-of-breed enterprise applications, with off-the-shelf functionality to suit current and future business requirements.

Integration: We help integrate different applications in the enterprise IT landscape by creating Interfaces with other applications, and deploying these solutions both locally and globally at single and multiple sites using our proven global delivery model.

Enhancements: We continue to help clients improve current applications to meet new business requirements. We advise our customers about potential enhancements including re-designing business process to improve results, updating screens, reports, and application logic, as well as deploying new applications functionality modules.

Upgrades: In the ever-changing business environment, technology and product suppliers regularly introduce new versions to provide additional functionality or improve current business processes. We advise customers on the need to upgrade and, if required, ensure a smooth transition to the new version.

Application support: To keep businesses running smoothly, we help customers run their ERP applications using stringent SLAs to help ensure performance. We have the experience to run globally distributed installations and skilled teams to support 24x7x365 days operations. We use our global service delivery model with proven processes, methodologies and tools to provide a cost-effective support operation.

Production support: We offer full production support services for ERP applications and perform various tasks such as system and database monitoring for performance, health checks, patch upgrades, root cause identification and analysis, which enables customers to run their business efficiently.

Hosting: We also provide full application hosting facilities with complete system monitoring, backup processes, and disaster recovery services.

ERP Auditing

Implementing a new enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is inherently risky for any organization. With more than 90 percent of implementation projects completed late or over budget, or both, it is crucial for organizations to recognize the risks and define appropriate implementation strategies. Internal audit’s unique role in an organization makes it an ideal resource for any implementation project. SP DYNAMIC helps you in identifying the improvements required before and after ERP implementation.


In today’s business world, virtually every company uses an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. While not yet a commodity, ERP systems have become a fundamental aspect of doing business. An ERP system isn’t just a software application, it must be integrated as a high-level business solution. To help businesses succeed, outsourcing provides numerous benefits and can help position ERP systems to achieve overall company objectives.

Benefits of outsourcing your ERP system:

 Take Advantage of Economies of Scale

 Minimize Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of Your IT Environment

 Achieve Better Cash Flow Management

 Attain Contractually Guaranteed Service Levels

 Enhance Strategic Focus

 Work with a Team of Specialists

Benefits of ERP outsourcing with SP DYNAMIC:

To deliver measurable business benefits from an ERP system, SP DYNAMIC IT Services provides a comprehensive and flexible approach. Our suite of ERP outsourcing solutions specifically helps mid-market companies improve system performance and leverage enterprise applications. We develop long-term relationships with our customers, gain an in-depth knowledge of their business, and tackle customer problems as our own.

As the leading provider of ERP outsourcing services to mid-market enterprises, SP DYNAMIC provides:

 A Broad Scope of Services at Mid-Market Prices

 Best breed Business Solutions

 The Capacity to Grow/Ability to Scale with Customers

 An Easy-to-Engage Relationship