LAMP Development, Lamp Offshore Team, PHP Developers

LAMP Development, Lamp Offshore Team, PHP Developers

The combination of Linux (Operating System), Apache (Web server), MySQL (Data base), and PHP (Scripting Language) is being called LAMP, all four (LAMP) together become a very powerful web application platform. Because of its reliability, security, and free availability on the internet make them very popular it the web development world.

The uniqueness of SP DYNAMICS team is that, we just don’t state that we do development with LAMP, but we actually do. Which means that our developer are expert with linux development and production environment, and using SSH commands is not a special skill but common skill for any of SP DYNAMICS LAMP developers. And it removes dependency of Linux system admin which always cause the delay during code release. So this brings a fast Developers group for your service with SP DYNAMICS.


Linux – Linux is one of the most popular open source Operating system, which is widely used. Security and Robustness comes together with this platform.

Apache – Apache is most popular web server which is used while developing a website. It is commonly known as the Apache HTTP server. This is your request handler via web browser and it determines the latency of result.

MySQL – MySQL is an excellent and most popular relational data base system. It is secure, reliable, and free.

PHP – PHP is a server- side scripting language which is widely used for wide range of dynamic website solution.

We “SP DYNAMICS” have an expert team of LAMP development having more than 12 years of experienced in web development. Our “SP DYNAMICS” team is having expertise in different frameworks like CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, CakePHP and Symfony. And in open source system they have extensive exposure of working with WordPress, Joomla, Magento, OS-Commerce and many more. Your requirement defines the technology which will be best suited for your Requirement. While delivering an application, our team keeps the following objective in mind security, robustness, scalability, search engine friendliness and usability.The most advantageous point is this they are already working on Linux development Environment so while deployment they can take care of Server Environment. This does not give room for escalating the Server issues to the Server Administrator.


Working closely with the customer’s Architecture team, we will:

E- commerce

Social Networking

Document management system

Educational website

Real Estate Portals

CRM Development & Integration

Content Management System

Enterprise management system

Non Profit / Crowd Funding Portals


Our team has been working on LAMP platform since long and team has created efficient, scalable and elegant application solutions for various businesses.

We provide you LAMP development Services at affordable rates.

With time, SP DYNAMICS Team has proved their skills in providing offshore LAMP development Services to the clients around the globe. Our returning clients have proved we have been successful in this approach.

SP DYNAMICS poses extremely great expertise with LAMP technology. Our research and development team has solved and manged numerous business solution for our customer. And their growing business is our motivation.

We “SP DYNAMICS” guide you all throughout the website development process, suggesting and implementing the best possible solutions for your business. SP DYNAMICS LAMP consultant is waiting for your requirement and believing in our past track record.

Our participation in your business handling can bring a huge change in your business result and revenue.