Engagement Models

Engagement Models

Ecommerce is widely present in the marketplace in almost every industry. Faster internet connectivity and powerful online tools together result in evolving commerce. Be it any section of the market, everyone wants its presence online, for the advantages it offers to companies to reach a wider customer base and build its brand value globally. Faster and 24/7 buying/selling of products; ease to find products; no geographic limitations; low operational cost without the need of physical company set-ups are some of the primary advantages that ecommerce offers. Apart from all backend processes such as choosing product type, domain registration, etc.; you need to move forward to the website development phase that SP DYNAMICS specializes in offering. With our offered functionalities such as navigation, shopping cart system, payment gateway, product descriptions, etc.; you can avail best benefits.

Our Outsourcing Services:

B2B (business-to-business) ecommerce refers to all electronic transactions done between businesses via internet. Here, only business corporations are the seller as well as buyer. It can be related to all kinds of businesses such as manufacturing, retail, wholesale & distribution, IT, hospitality, healthcare, etc. It is generally used to improve companies’ efficiency. Instead of the manual data processing using telephone or e-mail, digital processes are carried out in this business category.

B2C (business-to-consumer) online retailing is the next best thing to one-stop-shops, as it allows a company to sell his products/services online by interacting with its consumers. Here, the website displays the products/services catalog with every detailed information, which is not possible to find at a physical store along with a broad products’ categories. The best part is the customers’ convenience of ordering, paying and receiving the product while sitting at home and making it fastest.


At SP DYNAMICS, we specialize in offering B2B ecommerce software using different platforms such as Oracle NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics Navision, Axapta and Magento. As a leading ecommerce solution provider company in India, we help you build a strong brand presence online with fresh looking websites. We offer ecommerce website development through Magento, PHP Framework, ASP.Net; and also integrate NetSuite and Navision with your existing website to manage your large inventory based whether it’s running in one country or for globally operated business. The integration handles all aspects of running a business such as accounting, supply chain management, CRM and all other Omni Channel needs of ecommerce services. Understanding your business-specific requirements, we offer custom solutions in form of shopping carts and other functionalities that provide you total website control to fit to your requirements of online store. With SP DYNAMICS, one of the top 10 ERP companies in India, you also get the order, inventory and databased designed as per your convenience; which later helps you to draw analysis and make reports to deliver improved customer experience.