Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail

Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail

With Microsoft Dynamics for Retail you will be able to:

Connect to customers: Omni-channel capabilities are delivered out of the box—including fully integrated on-line, storefront, and mobile POS—to deliver personalized convenience and transparency across any channel or device. Now customers can buy, pick up, return, or exchange on their own terms. And support for social and mobile commerce means you can offer promotions, discounts, or coupons targeted to devices or social networks and create new opportunities for customer engagement.

Empower employees: Provide rich product details and display custom content, while creating and managing orders at the POS, giving sales associates all the information they need to make the most of face-to-face time with customers. Give your employees relevant information through Role Centers—dashboards that deliver a succinct set of information pertinent to each individual user—so they can make accurate, timely, and relevant decisions.

Execute with insights hands, and unlimited categories and hierarchies make it possible to undertake assortment and replenishment to best meet customer demand accurately and efficiently.

Microsoft Dynamics for Retail equips the Dynamic Retailer with technology and features that you ca use to drive your retail vision across channels, locally or globally. Bringing together POS, omni-channel management, store operations, merchandising, supply chain, and more in an end-to-end solution delivers full visibility across your entire business operation while empowering your users.


Microsoft Dynamics For Retail Highlights


Omni-Channel Management


A single commerce run-time engine gives full visibility and management control across your channels: brick and mortar stores, eCommerce sites, mobile, social commerce, and more.

Flexible POS


Item detail pages provide rich product details from multiple channels/sources, while custom content from any source can be inserted directly into the POS interface to drive powerful customer experiences.

Centralized Store Management                                 


Centralized POS terminal management includes visual and functional profiles, user interface layouts, and employee permissions.

Powerful Merchandising


Optimize for profitability with pricing flexibility: flexible discounts, coupons, group/item/customer discounts, mix-and-match, and buy-one-get-one scenarios.

On-line Storefront and Content Management 


Fully integrated on-line storefront with content management via industry standard tools. 

Centralized eCommerce Management 


All aspects of storefront management—hierarchies, categories, refiners, payments, shopping cart, order fulfillment, shipping, and more—managed by Microsoft Dynamics at retail headquarters, fully integrated out of the box. 

Customer Care 


Identify trends and offer personalized service with access to real-time, actionable data. 

Social Commerce 


Implement promotions, discounts, coupons, and more via social sites; enable recall and/or redemption through other channels. 

Order Management


Create orders and quotations—pulling inventory from any channel or location—without leaving the customer’s side, using POS-based order support capabilities. 



Replenish seamlessly across any channel based on strategy or need. 

Global Reach and Scalability


Scale your solution as business grows; add stores and distribution centers locally and internationally; add users and sites with three-tier architecture and interoperability with other Microsoft products.

Hardware and Payment Compliance


Support retail industry standards, including OPOS, to maximize POS hardware and peripheral choice.

Investment Optimization


Realize productivity and data integrity gains through interoperability with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft products.